Are you living your Best Life?

I’m not talking about your dream life, where you’re a world-famous movie star / rock star / insert-other star.

Your Best Life is the one you can strive for now and live every day. Your Best Life is making the most of your time, energy, passions, etc … now.

Most of us have certain boundaries we’re living inside of. Or commitments we’re living around; family, friends, finances, careers, etc. Some of these are real and honourable.

Some, on the other hand, are not. Other people’s expectations of you; pressure you put on yourself derived by social media; fear of failing / looking silly / upsetting others.

Put all of those aside and think about what your true Best Life would look like. Feel like. Smell like. Sound like. Taste like… You get the picture. You need to really know it and understand it to live it purposefully.

I think it’s best not to start the new year with ‘resolutions’ as such. Those throw-away lines about diet, exercise, quitting bad habits, instilling new ones, etc. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m all about changing habits and being a better, more productive, healthy and happy you. But I suggest having more holistic goals in mind. And then your habits will form part of a wider plan of action. Part of the bigger (biggest!) picture of all.

I’ll ask again…. are you living your Best Life?

If so, what are you or will you do to maintain and sustain that life?

If not, what are you or will you do to work towards living that life?

Want to think about that some more? Let’s take a few moments to reflect.

  1. First of all, what is your Best Life?
  • Clarify your Best Life in words (or pictures if you’re into mood-boards and such).
  • What are the elements that make up your Best Life?
  • What are you contributing towards your Best Life now?
  • What is the purpose of this Best Life? (This doesn’t need to be profound. It can be as simple as happiness or fulfilment.  But remember life is a journey, not an end-state like success or achievement.).
  • How does your current life align with your identity or who you want to be?
  • How does your Best Life align with your identity or who you want to be?
  1. What’s standing in your way?
  • What are the biggest road blocks obstructing you from living your Best Life?
  • Can any of these road blocks be torn down? Be honest with yourself, because you might find, on close inspection, some are imaginary roadblocks that you honestly believe will damage you if you smash into them at high speed. But really, they’re in your mind and are begging for you to test their validity.
  1. Assess the impact of living your Best Life
  • What parts of your current life will be affected when you’re living your Best Life? (relationships, health, finances, career, etc).
  • What might the short-term downsides be that you’re willing to accept to really live your Best Life long-term?
  • Will you be hurting anyone else by living your Best Life? We’re not talking about causing discomfort, embarrassment, or worry… we’re talking physical or mental pain.
  1. What are the small milestones along the way that will help you reach your end goal?
  • Let’s chunk it down… think about those elements that make up your Best Life…
  • Now compare them to the elements making up your current life…
  • For example, what do you spend your time and energy on in an average day? (family, work, socialising, Nexflix, social media, just to name a few possibilities).
  • What changes need to be made to your routine / habits / daily or weekly existence?
  • What are some bite-sized, manageable pieces you can tackle starting now?
  1. Who do you need to connect with to help lay the path to your Best Life?
  • What conversations do you need to have?
  • What conversations do you need to stop having?
  • What skills or habits do you need to gain or change?
  • What growth or development do you need to invest time in?
  • Who will support you and help you stay on track with your goals and milestones?

Ok… by now you’ll have a budding list of ideas and suggestions on where to focus your time and energy creating your Best Life.

So what’s the first step you’ll take to live your Best Life?

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