Why I focus on new and emerging leaders

How often do we see managers promoted into positions because they’re technical experts, only to realise they don’t have the people management skills to lead a team… yet.

I love seeing organisations supporting vulnerable green shoots into loyal managers who know you care enough about them to invest in their future. To provide them with some of the basic navigation tools to best position them (and the organisation) for success.

I respect those companies who foster and grow talent from within, building and nurturing a culture of learning, growth and development. Giving confidence where it’s found the least and means the most.

Why focus all our efforts on high performers who are already doing great things and are more likely to walk out your door at any given moment (we’ll have that debate another day). By focusing on new and emerging leaders, you’re accelerating a connected, positive crew of devoted organisational champions. In turn setting an example of how you want your company culture defined and practised.

This is a powerful tool because this group of individuals, supervisors, team leaders, etc, usually has direct contact with a large portion of your workforce – like operations or customer service teams. A powerful position to be in when you think of company culture as “the way we actually do things around here” … not the words written in your induction manuals or intranet.

I love working with green shoots, those who show real promise of great leadership if only given the opportunity – because their potential is off the charts!  In my experience they’re open to and absorb learning and development at a great rate because they don’t have to hide their vulnerability – in fact, it’s pretty much expected.  And they welcome, no – thrive on building their tool-box of knowledge, tips and tricks.

Wouldn’t you rather define your organisation’s culture through design, rather than default?

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