Whole Brain® Thinking – group workshops

Step one

An introduction to Whole Brain® Thinking

A group learning program built on the foundation of Whole Brain® Thinking, to introduce Whole Brain® concepts and how to apply them at work.

Learning Objectives

·        Explore the art and science of the Whole Brain® Thinking Model.

·        Receive and understand HBDI® Profile results.

·        Explore the power of diverse thinking.


Step two

Select which areas you’d like to explore further


  • Bridge the communication gap and develop the skills to quickly connect, listen and understand, and be understood.


  • Collaborate effectively, draw on the team’s full diversity of thinking and apply Whole Brain® Thinking to improve team interactions and outcomes.

Problem Solving

  • Build the thinking agility to define issues, partner effectively with others, and work through business problems more efficiently and productively.

Decision Making

  • Develop the thinking agility to deconstruct complexity and make faster, objective and more effective decisions.

Customer Interactions

  • Build the thinking agility to understand, plan for and adapt to a customer or prospect’s thinking preferences to be more responsive to their needs.