Employee Engagement Offerings

Employee Engagement Surveys

There are two levels of engagement surveying depending on the insight you’re after and the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve:

  • Employee Engagement Pulse Check  (8 – 12 focused questions)
  • General Employee Engagement Survey  (30 – 40 exploratory questions)

Regardless of which option you chose, we follow the process outlined below.  

SteP 1 – Explore options & deploy survey:

  • Discuss needs, requirements and desired outcomes
  • Build the survey (or select one ‘off the shelf’)
  • Deploy survey and monitor response rate 
  • Collate and analyse data

StEP 2 – Results debrief:

  • Initial results debrief – sharing overview of data and insights 
  • Management team debrief – sharing results and insights (group or one on one)
  • Individual team results debrief – starting solutions-based discussions

StEp 3 – Deep-dive workshops (where the real magic happens):

  • Exploring insights – team discussions facilitated to uncover underlying causes of pain-points
  • Insights debrief – distilling discussion points, focusing on actions and outcomes  

 StEp 4 – Action Planning:

  • Action planning workshops – managers and key team members working together to map actions initiated to ease pain-points and increase engagement


Extensive Employee Experience Redesign

The value of being local, here in Hobart Tasmania, is I can integrate with your team effectively and over a time period suiting both parties to achieve maximum value. Briefly summarised below are the stages of an extensive Employee Experience Redesign.

SteP 1 – Exploration exercise:

  • Employee expectations, needs and wants (interviews, surveys, workshops, etc)
  • Organisation expectations, needs and wants (interviews, surveys, data analytics, etc)
  • Aligning the two expectations – what do employees want vs what are they getting

SteP 2 – Planning & building frameworks:

  • Employee lifecycle journey mapping
  • Aligning with strategy, values, L&D goals, etc
  • Identifying the missing pieces and output required

SteP 3 – Implement actions:

  • As per the outcomes of the above process, I have a toolbag overflowing with tools, templates and guides to help you achieve your desired outcome.    

Let’s connect … I’d love to chat with you about how we can work together, strengthening a healthy organisational culture.