Sparking Engagement

Engagement is a combination of feelings, attitudes and behaviours. By having an understanding of your teams’ engagement levels, you can identify areas to improve and shift into a more connected, positive state.

Research consistently shows that people who are connected, engaged and have clarity on what they need to achieve are more likely to:

  • be proactive and take initiative
  • confidently set stretch targets because they feel competent
  • be intrinsically motivated
  • be happy, friendly and cooperative

This streamlined process helps spark employee engagement through three easy steps:

  1. Listen: take a pulse check or snapshot of your current employee engagement levels.
  2. Understand: help interpret the results and outline the key insights.
  3. Act: facilitate team workshops to better understand the feedback, and build an action plan to increase engagement and productivity.

Simple yet effective. Click here for your Employee Engagement Survey info sheet.  Let’s connect and discover the power of understanding and connecting with your employees.


Sparking Engagement can also seamlessly fit together with the Clarity Coaching and Activate Connection offerings.