Activate Connection

Turn your managers into leaders

Have you promoted managers based on technical ability, but find they lack leadership skills?  Does your management team shy away from holding difficult conversations?  Or are you in an exciting state of change, striving to grow stronger together?  If you’re needing a change, or deep in the middle of one, we can activate the power of connection.

Imagine if your managers could:

  • Hold difficult conversations effectively
  • Be proactive and take initiative
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Manage change and problem solve efficiently

Learning and development takes time and practice…

Habits they’ll form during this program:

  • Looking for opportunities to improve everyday interactions
  • Understanding and connecting meaningfully with others
  • Effectively facilitating behavioural change and positively influencing others
  • Engaging and motivating their team

Connections are vital between managers – their team, stakeholders and customers

Program fundamentals:

  • Clarifying the teams’ purpose and owning individual accountabilities
  • Reflecting on attitudes, behaviour and actions (self and impact on others)
  • Building awareness of strengthening emotional intelligence
  • Improving conversation effectiveness through easy to use frameworks
  • Understanding and implementing diversity of thought
  • Applying a continuous improvement mindset to develop a feedback culture

Through this program your managers will gain valuable skills, positive habits and a useful toolkit.

Contact me today to book in a discovery session, after all… what’s the harm in asking a few questions? With so much to gain at your fingertips can you afford to let this unique opportunity pass you by? Let’s connect and discuss the possibilities.


The Activate Connection program can also seamlessly fit together with the Clarity Coaching and Sparking Engagement offerings.