Clarity Coaching

Is your team brand new… or maybe it’s gone through significant change lately and needs to re-group?

Gaining clarity and connection with your purpose and end-goals substantially increases productivity and effectiveness – helping navigate towards success.

Clarity of purpose is one of the 3 key drivers of employee engagement. Employees with clarity and purpose not only approach their own tasks with more enthusiasm and dedication, they frequently go the extra mile to be helpful and courteous to their colleagues and more dedicated to the organisation.

Through the Clarity Coaching process, we walk through a framework designed to encourage insight organically in order to:

  1. Clearly define the team’s purpose,
  2. Clearly establish individual expectations and accountability,
  3. Clearly identify growth and development opportunities and actions.

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The benefits of engaging an outside perspective (like me!) include:

  • Providing a fresh set of eyes to really see you, the situation, and desired outcomes,
  • Challenging and working through where your thinking is currently stuck,
  • Allowing for pause and positive space for reflection,
  • Offering an unbiased sanity check.

Let’s connect and we’ll explore the unique possibilities for you and your team together.


Clarity Coaching can seamlessly fit together with the Managing Performance and Activate Connection offerings.