Clarity Coach

Is your team brand new… or maybe it’s gone through significant change lately and needs to re-group? Have you gone through significant change and need to re-group?

Gaining clarity and connection with your purpose and end-goals substantially increases productivity and effectiveness – helping navigate towards success.

Through the Clarity Coaching process, we walk through a simple yet effective framework designed to encourage insight and unlock your potential, in order to:

  1. Clearly define your purpose and/or goals,
  2. Clearly establish individual expectations and accountability,
  3. Clearly identify growth and development opportunities,
  4. and build action plans to thrive and succeed.

Click here to look at a team-based Clarity Coaching session outline. Alternatively, Ellie Mason Consulting offers one-on-one Clarity Coaching, and workshops following Simon Sinek’s Start With WHY methodology.

The benefits of engaging a consultant include:

  • Working on your business, not getting stuck in it,
  • Providing a fresh set of eyes to really see you, the situation, and desired outcomes,
  • Leveraging thought diversity,
  • Allowing for pause and reflection,
  • Offering an objective perspective.

Let’s connect and we’ll explore the unique possibilities for you or your team together.

Clarity Coaching can seamlessly fit together with the Activate Connection offering.